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NIMCO® Corner, a pioneer in snack industry is considered to be the innovator for simple refreshment segment in Pakistan. A range of fried spicy snack products inherited by the early eastern civilization especially from the Asian part of the world. with the passage of time, these products got popular all over the world.It was established in 1947's. It initially set up its business from the same location at Sadder, Karachi, where it stands at the moment. All execution is brought about from the same retail store. The Company's root dates back about 53 years to the opening of the shop. Hajji Muhammad Jan was the inventor brand NIMCO®. Nimco Corner started with only few products. Now it has more than 35 products.

We are the rightful proprietors of the words/logos NIMCO and NIMCO SNACKS having valid Trademark and Copy right for both insignia's since 1970's. Any other individual using our name is doing so contrary to the Law and we reserve our right to take action against them in the relevant Court(s)".

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